Crystal Sky – Firmware

Mise à jour Crystal Sky


  • Date:2017.11.09
  • CrystalSky Firmware: V02.04.02.00
  • DJI GO 3 App: V 3.1.18
  • DJI GO 4 App: V 4.1.14
  • DJI Pilot Beta: V 0.3.6

What’s New

  • Added Data Transmission on the Quick Settings page to support downloading photos and videos from CrystalSky to your mobile device (DJI GO 4 version should be 4.1.14 or above).
  • Added Display Optimization on the Quick Settings page making the camera view display smoother.
  • Added three HDMI output modes on the Quick Settings page, including camera view, picture in picture, and copy screen.
  • Added daily Data Usage statistics on the Quick Settings page.
  • Added high-resolution transcoding in the Editor to support video transcoding rates higher than 1080p into 1080p.
  • Added Color Waveform in the camera toolbox for users to analyze color distribution (Inspire 2 only).
  • Added support for DJI ZENMUSE X7.
  • Added support for DJI Cendence.
  • Fixed issue where system configuration resets to default values when the screen is rotated 180 degrees.
  • Optimized compass calibration program.
  • Updated DJI GO 4 app to 4.1.14.
  • Updated DJI GO app to 3.1.18.
  • Up to 20 third-party applications are supported and can be removed from System Settings -> Apps. DJI is not responsible for any rights or information involving third-party security applications and does not provide any technical support for third-party application compatibility issues. Please note that CrystalSky does not support third-party apps well. If you experience any problems with a third-party app, remove it or reset to default settings.

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