Spark – Firmware 1.00.0500


  • Aircraft Firmware: V 01.00.0500
  • Remote Controller Firmware: V 01.00.0300
  • DJI GO 4 App iOS:V 4.1.4
  • DJI GO 4 App Android:V 4.1.4  

What’s New

  • Improved photo resolution to 4K in Gesture and ActiveTrack modes.
  • Added a new gesture for video recording.  
  • Added an option to adjust gimbal tilt sensitivity.
  • Added a 180° Pano shooting mode.
  • The aircraft will descend to a height of 1.5 m while flying below 4.5 m or descend 3 m while flying above 4.5 m if no subject is detected for more than one minute in Gesture mode.
  • Improved overall gesture recognition and reduced the probability of falsely recognizing the selfie gesture. The wave gesture is now disabled by default while flying indoors or where the GPS signal is weak to ensure safety. The wave gesture can be enabled in both situations by adjusting settings in DJI GO 4.
  • Fixed an issue where photos failed to save and the shutter sound would not be made while taking photos in Gesture mode.
  • The aircraft will now exit QuickShot automatically when a control stick is pulled opposite to the direction of flight. Flight distances for QuickShots can now be set in DJI GO 4, with greater maximum flight distances while using the remote controller. Also, flight directions for Circle and Helix can now be adjusted in DJI GO 4.
  • Fixed an issue where the aircraft didn’t ascend high enough with the Dronie QuickShot and optimized Rocket.
  • Optimized the FPV gimbal mode in Sport mode to keep the gimbal from reaching its endpoint.
  • Fixed issue where the remote controller would occasionally disconnect from the aircraft.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the remote controller couldn’t be turned off.  
  • Improved aircraft and remote controller responsiveness.
  • Optimized battery level calculation. 


  • Restart the aircraft and remote controller when the update is complete.
  • If the firmware update fails, restart the aircraft, remote controller and DJI GO 4 or DJI Assistant 2, then try updating again. 


Commentaire :

La réalisation de cette mise à jour ets indispensable et il est recommandé de procéder via le logiciel DJI Assistant 2.